that help you
connect and live
from your heart

 High Vibe Cosmetics, using Aromatherapy & IBIZA´S vibrational essences supported with short meditations.

Sacred tools and rituals combined with holistic insights to cultivate your true nature. 

The organic Essential Oils in the products will transport you in one second to the “White Island” thanks to its natural aromas.


manage your emotions

choose your frequency

You can create your own ritual to start and/or finish your day, a Yoga session, or any activity that requires concentration or an specific theme that you are working with.


Receive the physical benefits of the terpenes (scent particles) as well as harmonising effect from the Vibrational Essences (2nd Generation Bach Flowers obtained from Ibizan plants and sacred untouched places).

a new you, your true you

shift, lift and anchor your inner states

The Aromatherapy and the Vibrational Essences enhance the alchemy that help you stay PRESENT, BALANCED and FOCUSED on your spiritual and/or material goals.

 Become a CONSCIOUS CREATOR and see your life unfold in magical unexpected ways!


By accumulating all the conscious intentions you previously infused, you will be recalling and reinforcing new neurological pathways. This practice will result in new thoughts, beliefs, actions. A new reality..

think, feel and act in full alignmenT

Regain control of your own destiny and evolution. 

Let IBIZA ESSENCE support you in finding the joy of living in alignment with your true ESSENCE.

balance, focus and wellbeing

consciously choosing to keep your vibration high

You can carry the Auramist with you and spray throughout the day. This will reactivate the state you had linked with the aroma during your meditation/inner work. 

Use your AURAMIST to relieve stress and anxiety, to let go of any sadness or fear and tune your vibration to a higher frequency of LOVE, JOY, GRATITUDE and INNER BALANCE.

Spray whenever you need to come back to your center.

100% bio
99% karma freE

Your mists are produced in IBIZA, using as many local ingredients as we can: we produce the hydrolates, the flower elixirs and create the synergies in a certified organic, clean cosmetic laboratory. 



conscious choices

organic & mindfully made

All the ingredients have been chosen based on its ability to support each intention, and have been programmed with crystals charged under the full moon at Es Vedrá.



BIO, LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE AND RECYCLABLE….we avoid plastic as much as possible.

giving back to the island

We are part of the movement 1% for the Planet.

Part of your purchases are donated to IBIZA PRESERVATION FOUNDATION to help restore the balance of the island fragile ecosystems. 



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