ibiza is well-known FOR its awakening, healing and transformational energY

Genuine Spiritual Masters need not speak.  A profound recognition of the Self can occur by being in their energy field… 

…realising our True Essence, reconnecting with our Soul.

 According to Myth, Es Vedrá (the magnificent island a couple of miles from the SW Ibizan coast) is a MAGICAL spot where a crossing of Telluric currents radiates the highest of frequencies. People visit this area to receive the benefits of its magnificence. Energy workers from all over the World agree its powers are supercharged during the full Moon. 

the soul speaks in the language of visions and dreams, emotions and physical sensations...
Following a lifestyle packed with societal and family programs and unconscious beliefs, many of us have lost that connection to our ESSENCE, our SOUL.

...we call that

More than 15 years ago, while starting my career as an Architect I was trapped in Madrid´s intense city life, working non-stop and having zero connection with nature. 

I was constantly stressed, suffered chronic lack of sleep which led to long periods of anxiety and recurring panic attacks and super low vital energy; I was losing my connection to SELF. 

I needed a MIRACLE and the Universe stepped in to change my destiny. 

A friend unwittingly rescued me: suddenly I was invited to spend a week on a boat in Ibiza. 



embarking on the real journey


 Bathing in the clear blue waters and smelling the warm sea-breeze carrying the scent of wild pines and rosemary, I could easily LET GO of worries. Sensing the elements brought me out of the mind and into my body, to the present moment…  I felt FREEDOM.  


I could finally CHILL with friends, RELAX, sleep well… after a peaceful replenishing SIESTA I understood why people are so in love with the white island…Ibiza CALMA EL ALMA (Literally “Soothes the Soul”) 

For the first time in more than ten years, I gave myself permission and time to JUST BE


 Experiencing this RADICAL SELF LOVE was the beginning of the most important journey I would ever embark on, the journey back to my TRUE ESSENCE, to my authentic Self.

 I was ready to GIVE and RECEIVE unconditionally from the heart, not the mind.

Every time we sailed close to Es Vedrá I would feel an increasing subtle joy, an ecstatic energy of pure BLISS

All those feelings in an open vibrant heart, gave me an immense clarity on the way I wanted to live.

A complete new set of “my own” values, followed by sense of purpose and passion for life as never before. 


 I realised I was the only one responsible to stay true to my soul´s deepest desires. I was in full alignment and ready to MANIFEST a life of my own design (not the conditioned one that made me run without direction and feel frustrated trying to be someone else). 

Now I knew I wanted to have a life of abundance and prosperity by using my gifts and creativity to serve others rise their vibration;  and had the drive and FOCUS to move to ACTION and make my DREAMS COME TRUE.




to know yourself, be yourself
just be!


I understood that thinking, feeling, and acting accordingly to one´s heart is the key to a fulfilled, healthy life. Only when we are aligned to what makes us deeply happy is when our highest potential is fully expressed. The energies then FLOW with ease, and health and happiness naturally occurs. Following other people´s ideas of success only brings you in  the opposite direction. 

Once back in the city rat race I would disconnect from those HIGH VIBES in a matter of days… and forget who I really was and what was here for.

I was back in Madrid, and all those realisations plus a romantic related event started a “fire”…

I had an “spontaneous” spiritual awakening.

I started meditating not really knowing what I was doing, following a couple of advices from my sister and some books.  After less than ten days, I entered a space of LOVE, SELF RECOGNITION and INNER SILENCE that changed the way I would experience life completely. That high vibration state lasted a couple of months… then I stopped doing what I was doing and one day found myself again in doubt, fear and back to suffering. 

“Why was I having all those feelings again?  What had happened?”

I then decided to quit all I was doing cause I wanted to deeply understand what that was, how to experience it again, and mostly sustain it as a lifestyle, as it was the most amazing and valuable experience to have in life and I wanted to share it with other people.

 I left Madrid and moved to Asia to learn Yoga and Meditation. I started creating conscious brands while I was meeting Masters, Teachers, and lots of inspiring people; meditating in caves and joining different Schools, having all kind of spiritual initiations in India, Thailand and Bali.

Eleven years of personal growth after leaving behind my career as an Architect, I had become a Yoga and Meditation teacher, Energy healer, Shiatsu masseuse, NLP practitioner and a Ecstatic Dance Dj.

I  also started a fascinating journey on the Alchemy of plants: Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy, Vibrational Elixirs (Bach Flowers) and more recently including the amazing properties of CBD.


When I felt it was time to come back home, I no longer wanted to live in a city, so I moved to IBIZA with a few ideas and a mission: To help others rising the vibration from fear to LOVE.

  Would there be a way to bring that MAGIC and transformational effects Ibiza offers with you… everywhere?

 I wanted to be able to distill all the Spiritual information I had gathered,  distilling methods and healing techniques in the most efficient manner. It had to be through some easy, fun yet powerful combination; Aromatherapy, Meditation, Yoga, Music…

For this to happen I am creating short meditations linked with aromatherapy, music and an extended line of INTENTIONAL COSMETICS that bring mental, emotional and physical BALANCE while acting as a constant reminder of who YOU are and how the energy of life works. 

A love for Design, Sustainability and Well-being is expressed in every product. Whatever I design always carries a conscious message and an eco-friendly touch.

Using IBIZA ESSENCE products, your daily beauty routines turn into an effective spiritual practice that are enjoyable and offer fast results at all levels.

 Being constantly aware of yourSELF is a shortcut to your Soul, and the natural support of the plants enhance the inner work while saving time. 

This is how IBIZA ESSENCE was born. Out of GRATITUDE to this place and a profound desire to share its magic with as many people as possible.

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                              Carolina Gambín_Founder and CEO of IBIZA ESSENCE