reconnecting with your true essence



The Soul speaks in the language of signs and symbols,  

visions and dreams, emotions and physical sensations…

we call that intuition. 


However, most of us have lost that 

clear connection to our 

Essence…to our Soul.


Real spiritual masters do not even need to speak, they transfer the knowledge by experience…by being close to their energy field, …if under the right conditions, a profound recognition of the Self occurs: 

you realise your True Essence, you “connect” with your Soul.

Ibiza is well know for its transformational, healing and awakening energies. Myths says that Es Vedrá, (a magnificent island a couple of miles away from the coast, in the South West) is a MAGICAL spot, where a crossing of Telluric currents radiates the highest frequencies. People go there to get the benefits and calm its stunning presence offers…, energy workers know its powers are enhanced during the full Moon. Would there be a way to bring that magic and transformational effect Ibiza offers… with you, everywhere?

“IBIZA is well known for its transformational, healing and awakening energies”

Es Vedrá


“Is there a way to bring the MAGIC and transformational effects IBIZA offers…with you, everywhere?” 

IBIZA ESSENCE is born out of gratitude to this magical place, and a profound desire to help as many people as possible get the benefits and “teachings” received from being under its silent and magic influence.





 Vibrational Cosmetics 

Online Workshops


A collection of sensory experiences, Organic and Mindful products that helps you connect you with High Vibrational Frequencies, you can use at any moment, at home, at work, while traveling… wherever you are in the World. 

Plus a selection of top facilitators and coaches from all walks of life, that have in common a love for the island and a mission of helping rise the collective vibration with their knowledge.

The Organic Essential Oils contained in the Aura Mists will transport you to the White Island, thanks to its natural aromas, while receiving its physical benefits as well as the subtle ones from Vibrational Essences, (2nd Generation Bach Flowers obtained from Ibiza plants and sacred untouched places). 

All the ingredients have been chosen by its ability to support each intention, and programmed with crystals charged under the full moon at Es Vedrá”

The aura sprays are linked with easy yet powerful guided meditations, that you can adapt to your own particular intention. You can create your own ritual at home and then use the aromas during the day to recall that inner state.


shape your life


Each essence has guided meditations and aligned workshops for specific inner work. 

You can also use the Aurasprays to support your own MEDITATION

You can create your own ritual to start and finish a Yoga session, as you start your day or any activity  that requires concentration or an specific aspect that you´ve been working with.

 This powerful combination enhances the alchemy that may consistently make you stay PRESENT, balanced and focused on your spiritual/material goals.

During the day you can bring the auramist with you, and repeatedly spray on yourself. 

This will reactivate the memories of the brain that link the aroma with the state set during your meditation/inner work, and by piling up all the conscious intentions you previously infused, you will be recalling and reinforcing new neurological pathways, which will result in new, thoughts/beliefs, new actions, new reality…A life of your own design.

                    “An efficient toolkit to help you shift, lift and anchor your inner states”

This is a way to work with the subtle energy to awaken our highest potential both as human/spiritual beings.

Create your own personalised mindful practice, and use the aromas as a constant reminder of your determination to FREE yourself from all of the programmings (positive and negative) that you´ve picked up and incorporated in our own sense of Self, so that you can connect (and constantly stay connected) to what is innate in YOU. 

CONSCIOUSLY choose how you want to think, feel and act…

Get control of your own destiny and evolution. 

Let IBIZA ESSENCE support you on your purpose, to live in alignment with your Soul…your true ESSENCE.


…a life of your own design”