Helps you manifesting a life of your own design. Connect, create and celebrate your soul desired experience for Wealth, Health and Love. Connect with a deep sense Gratitude as you visualize you life transforming in magical and unexpected ways.

GOOD FOR + Getting clarity and focus on your true soul  desires + Aligning Action, Thought and Heart + Good inner/external communication + Being Magnetic = Constant focus on and  image and feeling / vibrating and attracting + Uplifting and vitalizing + Magical synchronicities

Help this alchemy  with the Auramist and the Meditations. Join the upcoming MANIFEST meditations, programs and retreats… LOVE YOURSELF and ready to GIVE AND RECEIVE unconditionally.  

Citric Bergamote and Lemmony with calming lavender and a cypress touch, connects the Mind, Heart and Phisical, helping your ideas come true.

All the Auramists contain Posidonia V.E. which helps breaking old patterns and clearing stagnant information in the auric field.

Manifest also comes with empowering Thyme, the focusing energy that brings the Agave and the communication enhancer properties of Senecio.


1_CONNECT: With your eyes closed, take a deep breath…down to your belly.

Keep breathing, slowly…3 more breaths.

Notice your feet touching the  ground, the feeling of the clothes touching your skin, the temperature, any noises…

Connecting again with your heart, read/remember your intention and now…

2_CREATE: choose a vision of your desire, be clear and even exceed your expectations…all is possible, add some magic…things that will surprise you in unexpected ways.

…Imagine this is already happening, it is part of your reality…HOW DOES IT FEEL? like to live this reality?

…just FEEL IT… 

What if that reality is even better of what you  could ever expect?…what else could happen to make it even more extraordinary?

Upgrade your experience, the sky is the limit!.

(stay there with that feeling)

…SPRAY YOURSELF AROUND YOUR AURA with I. E. “MANIFEST” aura mist, or any other one that is more specific to your intention.

3_CELEBRATE: with JOY and GRATITUDE is the highest vibration, feel grateful as it already EXISTS!And let go of the process, be detached from the results.

STEP 6: back to your CENTER… slowly open your eyes… and watch your magic unfold!

Spray several times during the day in order to activate your neural system, keep your vibration high and sustain in your intention