Ibiza Essence

CALMA EL ALMA/// Aura Mist 50ml


Feel the peaceful calm and deep relaxation of a holiday on the island.

Soothing and relaxing, emotional and physical relaxation. An ally for better sleep .


The air filled with lavender and campo fresh perfumes that will make your mind travel back to a siesta in the terrace, a quiet sunset at your favorite spot, or a look in the sky full of stars.

AROMAS & VIBRATIONAL ESSENCES: Lavender and Melisa have the most calming properties. Combined with the peaceful energy of Ibiza's campo and Es Vedra with floral essences Escilla, Juniper and Myrtle will ´help you ease and calm, feel at peace and slow down.



+ Soothing and relaxing

+ Emotional and physical relaxation

+ Better Sleep (pillow and inhaling)

+ Holiday mood

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