MANIFEST /// Aura Mist 50ml


Helps you manifesting a life of your own design.

Connect, create and celebrate your soul desired experience for Wealth, Health and Love.


Connect with a deep sense of Gratitude as you visualize your life transforming in magical and unexpected ways. AROMAS & VIBRATIONAL ESSENCES: Citric bergamote and lemmon with calming lavender and a cypress touch, connects the Mind, Heart and Phisical, helping your ideas come true. With empowering Thyme, focus of the Agave and the communication enhancer properties of Senecio.

GOOD FOR: ------------------------

+ Getting clarity and focus on your life purpose

+ Aligning Action, Thought and heart intention

+ good communication... in and out

+ Constant focus on vibrating and attracting what you want; you deserve it

+ Uplifting and vitalizing

+ Magical synchronicities

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