Hello dear Soul! My name is Carolina.
More than 15 years ago I lived in Madrid, while I was finishing my Architecture degree I created a company with friends where we designed and produced events. I was also renovating bars and homes on my own, plus the final project for my degree all at the same time.
The day the jury congratulated me, handing me the diploma with unanimous distinction for my work, she shook my hand saying: "You are going to be a very good architect". At that moment I realised "that was not what I wanted, I had done it to meet my father's expectations!".
I felt super stressed, I didn't know who I was or what I wanted... I was disconnected from my SELF and I was beginning to have alarming health symptoms.
At that time a friend invited me to a vacation on a boat around Ibiza and Formentera.
 "THE JOURNEY" that would transform the course of my life forever.
IBIZA and Es Vedrá are know to be home of one of the most intense magnetic crosslines in the planet.
The high energy of the nature of Ibiza, its waters, the full moon and Es Vedrá did their magic and in less than 7 days with the CALM and FREEDOM I felt in that boat, I quickly recovered my energy. I had never felt so well! ...and I began to have spiritual experiences.
A spontaneous kundalini awakening right in front of Es Vedrá paved a direct connection with my soul that made me instantly understand my mission. The pure joy, the clarity and certainty that I had in those moments were then diluted once I returned to my daily routine.

"Would there be a way to carry that magic with you, so that you can always stay in connection with your soul?"

This is what has led me to create IBIZA ESSENCE: inspired by the transformative effects of a vacation on the island, I wanted to offer efficient tools for other people to connect, get to know themselves and to live in harmony with their

The first line of aromatherapy products is THE JOURNEY
5 synergies in AURA-MIST formats that help you connect with the CALM, FREEDOM, LOVE, JOY AND CAPACITY TO MANIFEST that we already are.

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Natural "Intentional Cosmetics" inspired by the high-vibration energy of Ibiza and the transformative effects of a vacation on the island, in order to bring that "magic" with you anywhere.



IBIZA ESSENCE helps people who do not have time for a daily energetic hygiene practice, to have a more loving, happy and abundant life, by transforming a self-care routine into a Mindfulness practice: thanks to essential oils and vibrational essences (Bach flowers from Ibizan plants, made with quartz that are charged under the full moon in the vicinity of Es Vedrá).

It is literally the energy of Ibiza in a boat to take with you anywhere in the world. They are also linked to a MICRO MEDITATION (5 minutes with link in your boarding pass WR), which reinforce the properties of the aromas/intentions.

Looking forward to know! Let me know which one is your favourite! Mine is Freedom...but it changes.


With love...



Conscious Choices x Conscious People