FREEDOM - Let go & Just BE - /// Aura Mist 50ml


A herbal and minty walk in IBIZA´s pine forest to gain clarity, and a sense of lightness.

Breathe deeply and release...let go of obsessive thoughts, and connect with Ibiza´s healing nature from anywhere in the world.


Lungs open when you inhale this mix of energizing Mint, with rosemary, Mediterranean pine, Thyme, and sage...anchored with Vetiver.

This synergy will definitely transport you to the sense of freedom you have while in Ibiza.

Juniper's vibrational essence brings clarity to mixed emotions. Fennel eliminates toxins and stagnant information that translates into the forms of fat and physical toxins. Caper balances yin and yang...

Its ingredients are known as GOOD FOR:


+ break ups, divorce, work-life changes.

+ alleviating headache

+ breathing better

+ After (and during!) work to gain clarity

+ eliminate mental fatigue

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