Ibiza Essence

THE JOURNEY /// 5 x Aura Mist 15ml


Experience an aromatic journey inspired by Ibiza´s High Vibe energy and the transformational effects of a holiday on the island.

Connect, create and celebrate your true essence of CALM, FREEDOM, LOVE, JOY, and MANIFESTATION POWER...

Let the magic unfold with the help of Ibiza´s magnetic pull and reproduce a holiday at home connecting with the natural aromas that will help you reconnect with your body and the present moment.

AROMAS and vibrational essences effects...

+ CALMA EL ALMA: This citric yet exotic blend helps with relaxation and sleep. Find calmer during the day. And nice pillow spray to make a nightly ritual...

+ FREEDOM: Mental clarity and stress relief. Let go of excessive thoughts and get the feeling of a walk in the forest with FREEDOM

+ RADICAL SELF LOVE: Feel more loving and confident with the charming Jasmin and geranium aroma.

+ PUER JOY: Uplift your mood, feel your passion and realize your purpose.

+ MANIFEST: align with your soul and your thoughts+feelings+actions to create a life of your own design.

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