Ibiza Essence

RADICAL SELF LOVE - Radiant & Magnetic /// Aura Mist 50ml



To really love and be loved UNCONDITIONALLY, you need to BE in love within yourself first.

Get centered and replenish your heart with self-respect, presence, and confidence in order to create healthy relationships with yourself and others. Staying true to your HEART.

>>> AROMAS & VIBRATIONAL ESSENCES: Sweet and warm aromas of Jasmin, grapefruit, Palo Rose, Ylang Ylang, and Frankincense. The nourishing vibrations of Myrtle. Focus and determination are given by Agave. Formentera Wheat heals and nourishes your inner child while supporting you in creating conscious, healthy boundaries.



+ Confidence and Self Esteem

+ Self Love

+ Break up recovery

+ Healthy Boundaries

+ Clarity and Focus on what you really want to experience in your life

+ Uplifting your mood

+ Healthy relationships

+ Unconditional LOVE

+ Pure Romantic LOVE

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