Ibiza Essence

PURE JOY - Passion & Purpose - /// Aura Mist 50ml


Use it to uplift your mood and make things happen with trust and inspired action, in alignment with your soul.

Connect with your passion and Soul´s purpose.

When you are calm, free, and love yourself, you naturally will feel happy no matter what. Recall this feeling and enhance it anytime to get a bit of a high when your mood goes down.

>>> AROMAS & VIBRATIONAL ESSENCES: If joy would be an aroma it´d smell like vibrant Verbena, happy grapefruit, and spicy cinnamon.

Escila cleanses negativity and wheat enhances spirituality to open the mind to New concepts with no limitations. Thistle activates Sakti and empowers your inner self during sexual encounters.



+ uplifting

+ aphrodisiac, sensual awakening

+ happy and feel-good mood

+ antidepressant

+ refreshing and joyful

+ energizing

+ balance sadness and depression

+ a bit of a high

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